The Last Portrait of

Rev William Winterbotham (1763 - 1829)

Rev William Winterbotham (1828)

June 2003

I have been offered the chance to purchase the original portrait of Rev William Winterbotham, painted in 1828 (see above & details below). For those of you who have been lucky enough to see a copy of the Sketch of his Life that was circulated within the family in 1893, this is the original of the reproduction on the cover of the Sketch, and is mentioned on p55.

I am asking anyone who might be interested in assisting in raising the approx. £5000 towards the purchase of this portrait to get in touch with me, so that we can establish whether there is enough interest to proceed with the purchase.

You will notice that the Portrait is rather too large for most modern homes, and so I am in discussion with Plymouth Art Gallery about the possibility of them displaying the Portrait on loan. This would allow family (and the Public) easier access and would provide a protected environment. Plymouth would, I believe, be the most suitable place, as that was where William preached his famous sermons.

I am also investigating the possibility of having copies made, either oils on canvas, photo reproductions or computer images. Please let me know if you might be interested in a copy, so that I have some idea of volume (the price will reduce as the volume goes up).

Portrait of Rev William Winterbotham.


Oil paint on canvas
Needs cleaning, minor repair


Summer 1828


John Ponsford of Devon


50 x 40 inches (127cm x 102cm)





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